The Heart of Baby Gourmet


The Heart of Baby Gourmet was created by co-founders and sisters, Jen and Jill, their strong family values, and their desire to help parents by offering Good Food Made with Love.


Ten years ago, a woman reached out to Baby Gourmet for guidance on feeding her six month old baby who had recently undergone heart surgery, and was having trouble with food. She had heard of Baby Gourmet and only wanted the best to nourish her recovering baby. Jen and Jill decided to make her baby food and personally deliver it to her house. This was not for PR, there were no cameras or photos, just Jen and Jill helping another mom. It was after that heartfelt experience that Jen and Jill were inspired to create the Heart of Baby Gourmet.

This initiative was born - and continues to grow - out of a simple company-wide conviction that Canada’s most vulnerable population, babies and toddlers, have access to the highest quality organic food available. By partnering with non-profits across Canada, we have donated more than 900,000 meals.