Jen's Story

I remember when my daughter Finley was six months old.  It was time to start introducing her to solid foods so I went to a grocery store and bought a jar of strained green beans.  I opened the jar and instantly knew there was no way I was going to feed her this grey-green ooze that smelled bad and had what looked like an oil slick on top.  Are you kidding… I wouldn’t even try it myself let alone feed it to my beautiful daughter. 

I love food and I've always enjoyed cooking and coming up with recipes, so I began making my own baby meals from scratch.  Finley loved them.  I still remember her excited eyes when it came to mealtime and the sheer joy I had as she experienced new flavors, combinations and textures.  It’s something no mom ever forgets.

When other moms from my mothers’ group were over at mealtime I made enough for everyone and pretty soon they were begging me to make food for them as well because their babies were refusing to eat the horrible jarred stuff.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and I sensed there was a real opportunity here so I decided to set up shop selling my baby food on weekends in a farmers’ market.  The first day I started at the farmers’ market, I found out I was pregnant with my son Eamon so now I had twice the passion to continue to make great baby food.

My sister joined me and we gradually built a team of nine people to help make the food – the “chop and chat” ladies. We spent endless hours preparing huge batches of my tasty recipes, freezing them in ice-cube trays and portioning them out into little brown bags.  I still smile when I think of me stirring huge kettles of food with Eamon strapped to me, hanging on like a baby koala.

Over the months I loved to hear stories from moms of how their finicky little eater devoured our Old Fashioned Apple Crisp or how they had never been able to get veggies into their baby until they tried our Juicy Pear and Garden Greens.  And the moms helped too, giving me great feedback to make the recipes even better.

To make a long story short, within two years I was selling $30,000 a month.  Pretty good for weekends at a farmers’ market but I knew it wouldn’t scale.  I had to find a way to make the same great tasting food in a package moms could buy off of a grocery shelf and throw into their diaper bag. That’s what led me to the flexible pouch with a re-sealable spout.  The thin walls and large surface area of the pouch allowed for much shorter cooking times than with glass jars, retaining both taste and nutrition, and the spout let older babies feed themselves; something my kids loved to do.

Baby Gourmet is now available at grocery stores nationwide.  We've had tremendous success because we remain committed to quality and taste.  We use only the very best organic ingredients, no fillers, added sugar or salt, or additives of any kind.  We taste every batch before it is filled into pouches and we've even thrown out batches that didn't meet our high standards. If I won’t feed it to my kids, I am not going to feed it to yours.

As president of Baby Gourmet (and a mom of 2), this is my promise to you - we will never compromise on quality to save a few pennies, we will never ship something I don't personally think is delicious, and we will never put the shareholders before you and the most important member of your family.  I promise.

And, you know what?  I still get moms thanking me for making mealtime fun, and that makes me smile.

I've heard of so many parents who struggle with mealtimes. But if it tastes good, she's going to want to eat it.

— Amery and baby Kennedy