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I wish I could take credit for this ingenious idea, but I have to give it up for one of our Baby Gourmet moms. Everyone here, including babies, thinks these homemade “Mushies” are brilliant. Super easy, and perfect little bite-sized frozen treats made out of the best ingredients! See how they are made by watching our video!

  1. Choose a pouch of Baby Gourmet.
  2. Squeeze small drops on a baking sheet
  3. Freeze and enjoy!
  4. This is a great way to use up the rest of an opened pouch.

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We only choose the freshest ingredients from certified organic farms - no fillers, no added sugar or salt, or additives - because we want the best and will only feed your baby food that we eat ourselves.

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It tastes delicious roasted, which brings out the natural sugars and rich flavour, and can be served with a little olive oil and garlic on its own or diced in soups or a salad topping.