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A pinch of cinnamon with apple in a smoothie… yum!
Jen and Jill's kids love this for breakfast or a snack
This was Jen & Jill's fave farmers market breakfast!
Baby Gourmet's #1 seller at the farmers market.
Perfect for soccer practice or on the go.
Enjoy this as a hearty breakfast or anytime snack.
Try this one with grilled cheese croutons.
Another favourite breakfast smoothie.
Great for on-the-go babies and kids.
Delicious cookies that are dairy-, nut- and egg-free.
Moist and chewy… a hit with the kids!
This light soup recipe is decadent yet guilt-free.

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Butternut squash is the perfect creamy veggie to add to this bright fruit medley. A hint of vanilla brings all the flavours together.

Jen updates her grandma’s tried and true recipe using blended pear instead of sugar. Many families we know say they all enjoy it for dessert!

In our farmers market days, Banana Fig Oatmeal was a popular toddler meal. We added Greek yogurt for extra creaminess and added protein!

A fun mix of sweet potato with apples and berries, this rich organic purée can satisfy baby’s sweet tooth while adding veggie-powered nutrition.

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Try this one with grilled cheese croutons.